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Maths Tuition in Cardiff
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Masters student at university of south wales with 12 years of experience in teaching.
Maths, Science, Physics
Nursery School , Primary School, Secondary School
Teaching languages: English, Hindi


Maths Tutor near me in Cardiff
lecture and inquiry-based learning
Chinese, Maths
Primary School, Secondary School, Adults
Teaching languages: English, Chinese
Amos - Maths tutor


Maths lessons
online lessons only
As a teacher with a Bachelor's degree in Educational Technology and a Diploma degree in Mathematics/Physics, i bring a unique…
Nursery School , Primary School, Secondary School, Sixth Form College
Teaching languages: English, Yoruba
Modupe - Maths tutor


Private Maths Tutor
online lessons only
I am an individual that always want to give out to others and catching the young ones is my area of specialization, because…
Primary School
Teaching languages: Englishnative


Maths Tutor near me
online lessons only
Dedicated, Passionate and enthusiastic teacher with 10 years experience providing quality, learner-centered education to…
English, Maths
Nursery School , Primary School
Teaching languages: English, Tamil


Maths tutor
online lessons only
“He who opens a school door closes a prison.” My name is Andreas, I graduated from the University of Hamburg with a first-class…
German, Spanish, Maths
Primary School, Secondary School, Adults
Teaching languages: German, English, Spanish


Maths lessons
online lessons only
Hey all , i am a online tutor for 4 years.My teaching methods are different from others because i can take sessions with…
Maths, English, Physics
Nursery School , Primary School, Secondary School
Teaching languages: Englishnative


Maths Tuition
online lessons only
I have extensive knowledge in my field of work, and have experience working with youths, be it tutoring or coaching cricket.…
Maths, Physics
Primary School, Secondary School, University
Teaching languages: Englishnative


Private Maths lessons
online lessons only
I am a maths tutor using gamificatio and arts to apply knowledge. The lesson is is designed individually for the learner…
Maths, Acting
Primary School, Secondary School, Sixth Form College, Intern, University, Adults
Teaching languages: Greek, English


Home Maths Tuition
online lessons only
I currently have been tutoring for two years, with experience tutoring virtually and in person. I mostly tutor GCSE mathematics…
Maths, Chemistry, Biology
Primary School, Secondary School, Sixth Form College
Teaching languages: Englishnative
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We found 2388 Maths teachers for you
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Reviews about Maths tutors in Cardiff

T, 10 Apr’ 24
Perfect, thanks!
Good speaking skills; great tutoring skills, 3 Apr’ 24
I am very thankful for having Zubair as a tutor
Tatiana, 31 Mar’ 24
Je suis ravi de pouvoir partager mon avis positif sur Stefania, qui m'a appris l'anglais. Elle est tout simplement exceptionnelle. Sa compétence pédagogique est remarquable, et elle possède un don pour expliquer de manière claire et concise les concepts difficiles. Son accessibilité et sa volonté d'aider ses élèves sont remarquables. Ce qui la distingue vraiment, c'est sa personnalité joviale et toujours de bonne humeur. Cela crée une atmosphère d'apprentissage agréable et encourageante, ce qui rend chaque leçon motivante. Elle a su vraiment développer mes capacités communicatives en anglais d'une manière décontractée, loin de l'approche rigide que l'on trouve souvent à l'école. Grâce à elle, j'ai non seulement amélioré mes compétences linguistiques, mais j'ai également acquis une confiance en moi dans ma capacité à communiquer en anglais. Je suis reconnaissante d'avoir eu la chance de l'avoir comme enseignante et je recommande vivement ses cours à quiconque cherche à progresser dans la maîtrise de la langue anglaise. Merci Stefania!
Excellent Teacher!, 28 Mar’ 24
I recently had the pleasure of taking English lessons from Li, and I must say that it was a wonderful experience. Li is an exceptional ESL teacher who is not only knowledgeable but also patient and kind. He has a very engaging style of teaching that kept me interested and focused throughout the lessons. His lessons were well-structured and tailored to my specific needs and learning style, which helped me to improve my English skills significantly. Li is very approachable and easy to communicate with, which made the learning process even more enjoyable. He always took the time to answer my questions and provide feedback on my progress, which helped me to stay motivated and on track. I appreciated his dedication and commitment to helping me achieve my English language goals. Overall, I would highly recommend Li as an ESL teacher to anyone looking to improve their English language skills. He is a fantastic teacher who is passionate about teaching and helping his students succeed. Thank you, Li, for your excellent work!
Excellent teaching skills , 18 Mar’ 24
She’s reliable, patient and good at handling students.
P.Sabapathee, 20 Feb’ 24
Excellent tutoring. Good English.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Maths tutors in Cardiff do you have?
We have over 2388 Maths tutors in Cardiff. They all vary by experience, languages spoken, location, areas of expertise. You can filter profiles out by the criteria important to you and find the one you’re looking for.
What happens when I book a lesson with Maths tutor?
We receive your request and contact the tutor you chose. As soon as the tutor accepts your request, we share your contact details with them and they get in touch with you to discuss your goals and set the first class. We will send you updates and provide support the whole way.
How can I choose the perfect Maths tutor in Cardiff for me?

To make sure you choose the perfect tutor, we recommend to:

  • Carefully check the tutor’s qualifications and teaching methods by reading their «About me» section.
  • Check out the tutor’s certificates and reviews. They can be found under the profile.
  • Consider online of face-to-face classes: online lessons can open a wider pool of highly qualified tutors from all over the world.
  • Set up a call and discuss your wants and needs beforehand. Ask the questions important to you and see whether you get along.
How can I book a Maths lesson with a tutor in Cardiff?
Go to our website and filter out the tutors by subject, language spoken, location, lesson format etc. Choose the profile you like and press «contact the tutor». Fill in all the necessary info and press «book now». We will get back to you by email and WhatsApp.

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Cardiff, the thriving capital of Wales, boasts a population of over 360,000. The city's diverse districts are abundant in tutoring opportunities, particularly in the following areas:

  • City Centre: Being the heart of Cardiff, it's no surprise that the City Centre is a hotspot for tutoring services.
  • Canton: This bustling district is home to a variety of educational facilities, making it a prime location for private tutoring.
  • Roath: Known for its diverse community, Roath is another preferred area for students seeking math tutors.
  • Grangetown: With its close proximity to several universities, Grangetown is a favourable choice for math tutoring.

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