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Rafi - Physics tutor


Home Physics Tuition
Online & Face to Face
Hi I am Rafi, I am soon to be graduating with a Masters in Aerospace Engineering (I don’t fly planes btw). I have been a…
Maths, Physics, Engineering
Secondary School, Sixth Form College, Adults
Teaching languages: English, Italian


Private Physics Tutor
Online & Face to Face
Hey all , i am a online tutor for 4 years.My teaching methods are different from others because i can take sessions with…
Maths, English, Physics
Nursery School , Primary School, Secondary School
Teaching languages: English


Private Physics Tutor
Online & Face to Face
I have extensive knowledge in my field of work, and have experience working with youths, be it tutoring or coaching cricket.…
Maths, Physics
Primary School, Secondary School, University
Teaching languages: English


Private Physics Tuition
Online & Face to Face
Experienced Physics teacher with over 7 years of dedicated mentorship, committed to empowering students with a deep understanding…
Maths, Physics, Chemistry
Primary School, Secondary School, Sixth Form College, University
Teaching languages: English, Sinhala
Mudasar - Physics tutor


Private Physics Tuition
Online & Face to Face
I am Mudasar Nazir , i have done M.phil.Physics. I have seven years experience of teaching Physics at graduation level and…
Secondary School, Sixth Form College, Intern
Teaching languages: English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu
Gerald - Physics tutor


Private Physics classes
Online & Face to Face
I have been teaching and tutoring in secondary schools, universities and privately for about 20 years. This was often done…
Maths, Physics, Informatics
Sixth Form College, Intern, University, Adults
Teaching languages: English
Graeme - Physics tutor


Physics Tutor
Online & Face to Face
Trained and experience Physics and Tefl teacher and tutor. Have taught Physics at GCSE, IGCSE, A-level and International…
Secondary School, Sixth Form College, Adults
Teaching languages: English
Mahesha - Physics tutor


Physics lessons
Online & Face to Face
Hello, I'm Mahesh ! I have a masters degree in Mathematics from UK university. Experienced private tutor for more than 15…
Maths, Physics
Secondary School, Sixth Form College, University, Adults
Teaching languages: English
Oluwatosin - Physics tutor


Home Physics Tutor
Online & Face to Face
I have a strong passion for teaching and a genuine desire to make a positive impact on the lives of students. I have gotten…
Physics, Maths
Primary School, Secondary School, Sixth Form College
Teaching languages: English, Yoruba
Abhijeet - Physics tutor


Physics Tuition
Online & Face to Face
I have been in this profession since 10 years. I have experience in teaching GCSE Maths and Physics. I teach A Level Physics…
Maths, Physics
Secondary School, Sixth Form College
Teaching languages: English, Hindi
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We found 659 Physics teachers for you
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Reviews about Physics tutors

Dilara, 22 Nov’ 23
It was a very big pleasure to learn german with Stefania. She’s very passionate and friendly and each session was a pleasure! She is also an excellent teacher, who understand your need and knows how to motivate!
Beatrice , 20 Nov’ 23
Daniela was a great find, excellent teacher with a practical approach.
Gloria, 20 Nov’ 23
La migliore delle insegnanti che abbia mai avuto. Unisce la sua simpatia e solarità alla passione e alle enormi competenze nel suo lavoro.
Reasonable pricing and good lesson plans, 17 Nov’ 23
Living in Scotland i was really pleased to find Anastasia. I found her pricing reasonable and her lesson plans were very well thought out. She helped me a lot with my essay writing and comprehension leading up to my exams in English. Would recommend.
Alexandre Dupleix, 17 Nov’ 23
Todd est un prof d'anglais compétent aux méthodes efficaces et non conventionnelles !!! Et ça fait du bien. J'ai appris beaucoup avec lui sans vraiment m'en apercevoir car l'apprentissage est personnalisé pour progresser exactement sur les points dont j'ai besoin, avec humour et en s’appuyant sur des sujets intéressants (culture, société ...). Si vous cherchez un prof d’anglais avec un bon accent qui vous fera bien progresser selon vos attentes personnelles et sans ennui ... vous venez de le trouver !
Exxcelente, 11 Nov’ 23
Bom professor

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book Physics lessons with several tutors?

Yes, you can contact several tutors and choose the one after having the introductory call with them.

How can I book a Physics lesson with a tutor?
Go to our website and filter out the tutors by subject, language spoken, location, lesson format etc. Choose the profile you like and press «contact the tutor». Fill in all the necessary info and press «book now». We will get back to you by email and WhatsApp.
What languages do your tutors speak?
Our tutors speak over 40 languages. This includes the most common ones like English, Spanish, French and more niche ones like Italian, Croatian, Vietnamese. To get Physics lessons taught in your preferred language, just apply the language filter in the search bar.
What is the average price of a 60-minute Physics lesson on NiceTutor?
Our Physics lessons start from £10 and average £21 per hour. The price of the lesson usually depends on the tutor’s experience, area of expertise, and the format of the class (online vs face-to-face). Most of our Physics tutors offer a free trial lesson.
How many Physics tutors do you have?
We have over 659 Physics tutors. They all vary by experience, languages spoken, location, areas of expertise. You can filter profiles out by the criteria important to you and find the one you’re looking for.

Learn Physics with NiceTutor.co.uk, online and in person

Physics is one of the core school subjects, as it helps you understand the fundamentals of science and explains how things work. It encompasses everything we know about the universe, from the largest galaxies to the smallest subatomic particles. Yet, getting physics home tuition has become a necessity for many students of all grades, whether they seek extra classes to get help with school homework, GCSE exams or coursework. If you also feel the need for quality private classes, keep reading to learn how NiceTutor.co.uk can find an experienced vetted tutor that will be just perfect for you.

Why is physics tuition important?

Studying physics is beneficial to you regardless of what your future goals are. Not only does it open doors for you to a wide range of career paths, but it also helps you develop logical thinking, problem-solving, and even communication skills.

If you consider a career in science, you will need advanced physics knowledge no matter which sphere you wish to pursue it in, since physics is the basis of many other disciplines like chemistry, seismology, oceanography, and astronomy and can even be applied to biology or medicine as well.

The most popular career options that require a bachelor’s or master's degree in physics include but are not limited to:

  • engineering and manufacturing
  • computer programming
  • finance and economics
  • aerospace
  • science journalism
  • law and government
  • medicine
  • life sciences (biology, anatomy, biotechnology, biochemistry, ecology, neuroscience, botany etc.)
  • astronomy
  • etc.

Proficiency in physics also allows you to perform better on SAT, MCAT, GRE, and GMAT tests which are becoming increasingly popular due to the good career prospects.

But even if you are not interested in further education or a career in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), physics is an excellent tool to help you truly understand music, art, and literature. And since any modern technology taking advantage of electricity, magnetism, mechanics, heat, light, sound, optics, etc. comes from physics, studying it can become a significant asset when working at innovative companies and world-changing startups.

The advantages of private physics tutoring

When it comes to a difficult subject like physics, finding an experienced one-to-one tutor is probably the best thing you can do. Whether you need to catch up with your peers or deepen your knowledge in the subject, fill in some knowledge gaps or get ready for important tests, private lessons will help you achieve the results you need most effectively. The main benefits of physics tutoring include:

  • Personalised 1-1 lessons that are tailored to your individual goals and needs (A-level physics, exam preparation, GCSE, help with homework or coursework etc.)
  • Positive atmosphere and a safe space to ask any questions you have with no embarrassment or fear
  • Opportunity to start from any level and study at your own pace
  • Flexible schedule - you can choose when and where you want to have classes
  • Opportunity to choose the format of the lessons you are comfortable with (online or in-person physics classes)

Why get an online physics tutor?

Online physics tuition has a lot of benefits. To start with, it’s a great time-saver since no commuting is required. Also, you can choose the best of the best teachers from the top schools and universities, regardless of their location. They may be in London, Birmingham, Manchester or anywhere else in the world. Tutors on NiceTutor.co.uk speak over 30 languages, so you can study physics in English, French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Chinese, Malayalam etc. with native speakers.

Why get a face-to-face physics tutor?

In-person lessons offer a lot of benefits, too. For example, it is usually easier to connect with your tutor, get used to them faster and feel relaxed during classes. Having face-to-face lessons with a private tutor also proves to be the most effective way of studying sciences for many students, especially when problems solving and formula deriving are involved.

Why is it so difficult to find a good private physics tutor?

If you have ever tried to search for one-to-one physics lessons for your child or yourself, you probably noticed that it's not an easy job to find a good private physics teacher. Here is why:

  • Too many offers available on the Internet cause confusion. The process becomes incredibly time-consuming.
  • There are a lot of unqualified physics tutors and their certifications are hard to verify.
  • High costs with no free trial lessons mean high financial risks for students.
  • Poor communication leads to complicated appointment scheduling.
  • It takes a lot of time and energy to find the tutor you really bond with.

All the complications above stand in the way of learning with joy - a lot of students get frustrated and lose motivation to study physics simply because they can't get the help they need.

That’s why NiceTutor.co.uk strives to encourage students to see physics as an exciting subject that can be learned and mastered with the right tutor. And finding one with us is not as hard as it might seem.

How do I find the best tutor for me?

We know it can be rather exhausting to look through countless profiles and not understand what choice to make. To help you out there, we have pinpointed the most important clues that will help you find your perfect tutor.

Specialisation is key

Keeping in mind that a lot of students need support and private physics tutoring, we at Nicetutor.co.uk are gathering the most passionate and qualified physics tutors that provide both online and in-person private lessons and specialise in teaching students of any education stage:

  • Nursery School
  • Primary School
  • Secondary School
  • Sixth Form College
  • University
  • Adults.

All you need to do is to choose yours and filter the relevant profiles out.

Another useful feature we have is subcategories of the subjects taught. So, if you want to study specific topics in physics, you can also see that some tutors specialise in mechanics, optics, thermodynamics, electrodynamics, nuclear physics, etc.

Check tutors’ experience and qualifications

Whether you are searching for an experienced or a peer tutor on campus, you’ve got plenty of options. Just choose the appropriate year range in the filter section. Then, you can study every profile in detail and see teachers’ educational backgrounds and certifications as well.

How do I find a local tutor? And what are the pros of getting one?

Finding “physics tutors near me” is no longer a problem – NiceTutor.co.uk provides a comprehensive pool of local private teachers. If you are looking for face-to-face or home tuition, you can filter out the ones you can have in-person lessons with based on the potential commute time. Teachers can host you, commute to your place or meet you at a public one like a café or a library.

Hiring an experienced local tutor is definitely worth the effort - they would be familiar with your school program as well as the specifics of the tests and exams, which is perfect if you need to prepare for GSCEs or pass entrance exams at a university in your city.

Read the “About me” section

When it comes to one-to-one lessons, there is nothing more important than to bond with your tutor, especially if you study physics. Newton's laws of motion, fluid dynamics, electricity and other complicated topics are learned easier if you get on with your tutor well. So read the tutor’s message to the students and decide whether their teaching methods suit you well.

Check out the reviews

In addition to a tutor’s experience and qualifications, it is advisable to see whether the tutor has any reviews yet. Endorsements left by previous students under teachers’ profiles are likely to help you make the decision you won’t regret.

Book a free trial lesson

To make your experience safe and smooth, we have provided you with an opportunity to have a free trial lesson with the tutor of your choice and discuss all the details. Whether you need private tutoring to get support with, AS and A-Level Physics, GCSE or IGCSE, you can make sure the teacher provides the required lessons and can address all the needs you have to get you where you want. A lot of our tutors are qualified to teach several subjects so if you need one-to-one GCSE physics and maths lessons, you can find a tutor that can help you with them both, too.

What else can I study on NiceTutor.co.uk?

If you like how your private physics lessons go, feel free to explore other subjects, too - NiceTutor.co.uk offers a wide range of disciplines to choose from:

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Latin
  • Religious Education
  • History
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Computing
  • Business studies
  • Geography
  • and many other subjects.

We offer the finest selection of experienced and vetted private tutors from all over the world. They speak your language, give online and in-person classes, offer free trial lessons, and receive excellent reviews. But most importantly, they love teaching.

Let’s rediscover learning together!