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Age: 43
Experience: 20 Years
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Mechanics, Optics, Thermodynamics, Magnetism, Nuclear Physics, Physical Quantities, Concepts, Tasks
Secondary School, Sixth Form College, Intern, University, Adults
Teaching languages: English

My Qualifications

In 2013, I got my Master’s degree in Nuclear Engineering. At that time I considered leaving teaching to pursue an engineering career. However, the excitement I got from learning about the foundations of our universe and the material and forces responsible for our existence was too much to not share. I stayed in teaching because I want students to enjoy learning complex and fascinating topics as much as I do and I look forward to the experience.

About me

My name is Jeremy Watts. I have been a Physics teacher for 19 years. I spent nine years in public schools, 10 years in private schools, and several years off and on online during that time as well. Over that time I have taught Conceptual Physics, Physics 1, AP Physics 1&2, AP Physics C, as well as IB Physics. I currently work as an online instructor for Johns Hopkins University in their program for the Center for Talented Youth teaching AP Physics 1&2.

Over my career, I have worked with a variety of learners. While teaching Upper class students seeking engineering and science careers in AP and IB courses, I’ve challenged students conceptually and mathematically to push their ability to understand the most advanced aspects of Physics. Teaching Underclassmen in Physics First, a reversed science progression where Freshmen learn introductory Physics without any science background and limited math skills before moving on to Chemistry and Biology, I have simplified my descriptions of physical phenomena and distilled the material down to the essentials for success and understanding in Physics 1 so students will be well prepared for future science pursuits. This diverse spectrum of learners has allowed me to hone my Physics curriculum to be approachable, interpretable, and meaningful to all levels of abilities and experience. I am excellent at explaining and dialoguing about Physics and physical interpretations and applications in a way that engages all thinkers. I have the skills and resources to meet students where they are and push them to the next level.


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