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Age: 27
Experience: 8 Years
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EAP, CV Writing, Essay Writing, Reading, Business English, British English, IELTS
Primary School, Secondary School, Sixth Form College, Intern, University, Adults
Teaching languages: English, French, Portuguese

My Qualifications

Classics MA, The University of Edinburgh Marketing MSc, King's College London

About me

◾ Classics MA graduate from the University of Edinburgh, passionate about the arts and the humanities with a Masters from King's College London.

◾ Nominee for Best Results in the 2020 MyTutor Awards I was very fortunate to have been taught in Edinburgh by fantastic professors and want to share this knowledge and inspiration with others. I have taught pupils since 2016 and over the past 6 years have delivered over 4,000 classes, seeing my pupils' hard work earn them a place at the universities of their choice.

Academic awards & achievements

◾ Margaret Stobie Keith Prize in Classics (June 2019, The University of Edinburgh): for work of distinction in Ancient Philosophy or Ancient Religion which was awarded 90% score in the academic coursework section;

◾ W. R. Hardie Memorial Prize in Classics (June 2018, The University of Edinburgh): two prizes are awarded annually for the 'best English essay on a prescribed subject'.

◾ Undergraduate Awards 2018: Highly Commended Award in the Literature Category (August 2018, UA): for my paper 'Love, Lies and Writing to Delight: Narrative reliability in the fictional world of the Second Sophistic'.

The lesson structure consists of:

◾ 15' of a powerpoint presentation on the topic in focus: I present separate presentations on each topic and question of the exam paper.

◾ Extended task: a skills-focused exercise, followed by detailed oral and written feedback.

◾ Summary quiz at the end of the class.

For my pupils, I also offer the following:

◾ Personalised lesson timetable: To make sure we are strategic in our approach and prioritise all the key skills

◾ No extra charge for homework marking: This is free. I do not ask pupils to book a Marking Time session

◾ Free resources: After each class I send you the presentations and bonus documents for your revision

◾ Monthly progression report: To help you organise your studies and to show you how far you have progressed Yet, all the above are most effective when personalised to the needs of each pupil. Hence, I encourage you to let me know of your interests, preferences and concerns by booking a free meeting with me first.


Maria is a wonderful, patient and dedicated and professional tutor who provides excellent support and guidance to students. My daughter needed to improve on her written work, answering the questions correctly, keeping to the deadline, and believing in herself. After only a few months with Maria she has achieved an "A" in her English A Level exam. I can't recommend Maria strongly enough. Her lessons were very well organised and she adapted to what my daughter preferred to focus on to practice. All her marking really helped as well - wonderful feedback! Thank you so much.
18 Aug’ 23


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