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Age: 63
Experience: 2 Years
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Trigonometry, Geometry, Arithmetic, Algebra, Technical Mathematics
Primary School, Secondary School, Sixth Form College, Adults
Teaching languages: English

My Qualifications

I am a Chartered Engineer and registered as a Fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology. I have a Bachelor of Science with Honours degree having studied with the Open University. I also hold Diplomas in Performance Coaching, Business Excellence, Project Management and certified qualifications in Life Coaching, Implementing Total Quality Management and Principal Quality Systems Auditor. I have previously taught in an adult education college as a part time visiting lecturer on a face to face basis. I have over 45 years experience in various engineering disciplines covering a large range of managerial and design roles during which time I have mentored and trained junior and apprentice engineers to secure registration with respective Engineering Institutes.

About me

Hello and thank you for looking at my profile with the view to becoming one of my students from the comfort of your own home. I was born in England in 1961, went to a secondary school until the age of 16 and then onto Technical College for a further year to enhance the school qualifications I already achieved. Before leaving college I gained employment in an engineering company as an apprentice draughtsman and, on a part time basis, continued to study structural engineering at the same Technical College for a further 4 years, completing my Ordinary Certificate and Higher Certificates in Structural Engineering. Over the 45 years of an engineering career, I have been fortunate enough to secure many job functions from those early days as a draughtsman to Technical Directorship and in almost as many engineering disciplines from structural engineering, colliery mining equipment, fire extinguishers to Oil and Gas equipment.

Throughout my career, I have continually fed my thirst for knowledge and continual professional development by enrolling for various academic and professional courses all at part time and all distance learning including my Bachelors degree, Performance Coaching, Life Coaching, Business Excellence and so on. The culmination of my efforts being the achievement of securing the title of Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Engineering Institute for which I am still a member. In 2005, I decided that I wanted to teach the knowledge I had gained in my field of engineering to others. Amazingly, nearly 30 years from when I started at Technical College, I began lecturing at that very same college as a part time visiting lecturer; what goes around, comes around as the saying goes. From then on, I was hooked on teaching and in my various full time engineering roles began playing significant parts in the mentoring and training of junior and apprentice engineers. So this is now where, I hope, you will come on board for a new learning adventure with me. If you have a passion and desire to learn, rekindle some of the things you forgot at school or college, want to improve your career prospects or just want to study something completely new for a hobby then I'm here and very happy to guide you along that highway of adventure. All I ask is that you put the effort in when I ask and I will do my hardest to give you the knowledge and grounding for you to succeed. This is a challenge for us both and it works two ways. We have to get to know each other’s ways of learning, teaching and communicating. I can teach you what I know and what I don’t I will find out, especially when you hopefully ask me questions that no one else has. You can teach me why, what and how you want to learn.

My aim will be to teach you online using Teams, Skype, Zoom, Messenger or WhatsApp, providing you with presentations, demonstrations (where applicable), coursework (including background theory, explanations and exercises), homework, self research, quick recaps and any other means necessary and practical for you to learn the topic you're interested in. How we achieve this will be up to you. I don't have a timescale to complete what you want to learn; it will be at your pace. I'll come up with lesson plans which I'll share with you before each session, but what I would caution is not spending more than 2 hours in any one session. There will be too much to deliver from my part and too much to absorb in detail on your part, usually less is more. If you can take away 75% or more of what you learn from any session you will be doing well (hence the quick recaps at the start of each new session). So there you have it, now it's up to you but I hope to be speaking with you directly as my student rather than as an anonymous entity on a website. Thanks for reading.


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