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Age: 27
Experience: 7 Years
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Primary School, Adults
Teaching languages: English, Chinese

My Qualifications

Education Background

Xi’an International Studies University 09/2014-07/2018

  • Major: English (Bachelor of Literature in English Language and Literature)
  • GPA: 85.5%
  • Ranking: Top 5%
  • Scholarships: National Scholarship, Second-class Scholarship

University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK 09/2022-09/2023

  • Major: Education Studies (MED)

Work Experience

First Leap (TAL Education Group), English Teacher 03/2018-03/2022

  • Instructed vocabulary reading, vocabulary spelling and reading techniques to students at the age of 3 to 12, taught them tutoring classes for GESE, KET, PET and Cambridge English tests, familiarized with the K12 training objectives for children’s reading, listening, speaking and writing skills and ability benchmarks of same schools
  • Contacted parents before classes and after classes, cultivated my communication skills and problem-solving skills
  • Came into contact with premium resources and applied my educational psychology knowledge into my teaching process, understood each child’s uniqueness and differences as well as built my educational intellect and acumen
  • Participated in curriculum development and understood the logic behind the curriculum
  • Made courseware through skilfully applying PPT and the web version system, communicated with foreign teachers, refined my curriculum design during the courseware revision
  • Achievement: obtained the award of A-class teacher

About me

Private Distanced-teaching and Family Tutor 04/2022-present:

  • Operated “Learning-week” Strategy and designed the specifically personalized teaching resources out of the diversity and differences among students
  • Served as Educational administrator, to guarantee all of classes I owned in order: students’ registration, enrollment, funding, timetable arrangement, learning resources provision in the whole process of learning, timely feedback and students retention
  • Operated the online-teaching platform and could teach and interact with students through the internet proficiently

Extracurricular Activities:

  • Served as the class monitor and an officer of the student union at my university Joined an English debate contest as a member of the English debate team and obtained good results
  • Gave detailed introduction of Qin Terracotta Soldiers and Horses to visitors as a volunteer
  • Acted as a part-time teacher and a teaching assistant for a foreign teacher

Skills and Hobbies

Language Skills:

  • English (TEM-8, IELTS-7),
  • Mandarin (native)

Teaching Certificates:

  • High School Teacher Qualification Certificate,
  • TKT certificate,
  • CLIL certificate,
  • Trinity certificate

Computer Skills: Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Visual Basic

Hobbies: Sports, Basketball, Boxing, Calligraphy, Singing


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