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Empowering Your Child in Maths: Strategies and Tools

Empowering Your Child in Maths: Strategies and Tools

Kate Davidson
November 5, 2023
4 min
Empowering Your Child in Maths: Strategies and Tools

In recent news, Rishi Sunak has unveiled an ambitious blueprint for mathematics education in England: the "Maths to 18" plan. Going beyond the present regulations, which mandate maths studies until 16 (and longer if a student doesn't pass their GCSEs), this initiative intends to make maths a requirement up until the age of 18.

Before its projected launch in 2025, the plan pledges to:

  • Dedicate resources to enhance the skills of teachers, ensuring every maths educator is primed to offer top-tier instruction.
  • Augment the scope of the Maths Hubs programme, a system that currently offers nationwide support and training to maths educators.
  • Roll out a novel advisory board responsible for guiding the government in executing the "Maths to 18" initiative, along with other educational reforms.
  • With the goal of elevating England to the pinnacle of global maths education, Sunak emphasizes the undeniable importance of mathematics in shaping future professions. Additionally, there's a concerted effort to transform the general perception of maths in England.

    In light of these developments, we'll discuss strategies to propel your child towards success in mathematics.

    Understanding their Mathematical Perception

    It's no secret that many students vocalize sentiments like "Maths is just too complex" or "I'm not wired for maths." Such viewpoints stem from the deeply entrenched belief in the UK that maths is inherently daunting.

    Renowned educator Sir Martin Taylor, head of the Royal Society's maths education committee, reveals that a staggering percentage of students grapple with maths anxiety and lack of confidence.

    If your child mirrors such sentiments, the starting point should be addressing these misconceptions. Understanding the root of their doubts—be it external remarks or internalized beliefs—can provide clarity. From there, a shift in focus from innate ability to the journey of learning can be transformative.

    Maths and Everyday Life

    For younger children, mathematical concepts might seem abstract and disconnected from reality. Illustrating how maths is intricately woven into daily routines—like cooking, grocery shopping, or financial management—can be illuminating. By broadening their horizon, they'll witness how maths governs even complex systems like transportation or video game designs.

    By presenting these real-world applications, children can comprehend the significance of maths, fueling their motivation.

    Consistent Practice: The Key to Mastery

    Mathematics, at its core, benefits immensely from repetition. Its cumulative nature means foundational understanding is crucial to grasp advanced topics.

    Moreover, being fundamentally about problem-solving, practising diverse problems enhances adaptability and critical thinking. Regular practice not only solidifies their grasp but also boosts their confidence, equipping them for evaluations.

    Leveraging Educational Tools

    In today's digital age, a myriad of resources can supplement your child's learning journey. Platforms like BBC Bitesize offer comprehensive materials tailored for various academic stages. On YouTube, channels like Khan Academy and Eddie Woo are goldmines of knowledge.

    If personal guidance is the need of the hour, consider hiring a tutor. A staggering number of individuals resort to tutors for bolstering their maths prowess, covering topics ranging from basic arithmetic to calculus, and even specific exams like the 11+. Fortunately, platforms like NiceTutor.co.uk are here to seamlessly connect you with the perfect fit for your child's needs. Whether it's face-to-face guidance in Glasgow or online assistance, the right support can make all the difference.

    In conclusion, with a likely increased emphasis on maths in England, equipping our children with the right mindset and resources is paramount. Embrace the journey of learning, and let's cultivate a generation that not only excels in maths but cherishes the beauty it holds.


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