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Everything You Need To Know To Begin Learning Chinese with NiceTutor

Everything You Need To Know To Begin Learning Chinese with NiceTutor

Kate Davidson
December 29, 2023
5 min
Everything You Need To Know To Begin Learning Chinese with NiceTutor

Everything You Need To Know To Begin Learning Chinese with NiceTutor

Learning to speak Chinese often presents a challenge: the complexity of the language usually necessitates a Chinese teacher who is either a native Mandarin speaker or has lived in a Chinese-speaking country. In this article, we'll guide you through everything essential about selecting the right Chinese class for you.

How To Choose Your Chinese Teacher

Deciding to take Mandarin lessons involves exploring the private language lesson market and comparing various profiles of Chinese tutors. You might even find a Chinese exchange student at a university who's willing to give private lessons.

More specifically, identify what you're seeking:

  • Your personal expectations: Do you aim to become bilingual, acquire basics for a holiday, learn to write Chinese characters, or converse with native Mandarin speakers?
  • The type of lesson you desire: Evening classes, intensive courses, beginner classes, follow-up lessons, calligraphy, courses on Chinese culture, Pinyin learning, phonetics and pronunciation improvement, Cantonese or Mandarin?
  • Your goal: Preparing for a holiday in China or Taiwan, an internship, a language exchange trip, or the HSK test?
  • Do you aspire to be truly bilingual or teach Mandarin yourself?

There are numerous motivations to learn the language of Confucius, so find a competent, experienced tutor who can deliver on their promises. To locate this ideal teacher, you can choose from a range of educators, including primary-school teachers for children, university professors, specialized institutes like the Confucius Institutes, Chinese exchange students, and, of course, private tutors at NiceTutor.

Generally, a good foreign language teacher has at least three years more practical experience than their students. Mastering the Chinese characters for everyday use takes time. With up to 106,230 Chinese words documented, you need to know about 4,000 to 6,000 characters for daily interactions. The right teacher will help you quickly recognize basic Chinese phrases like "hello" (ni hao), "good-bye" (zài jiàn), and "thank-you" (xièxie).

Look for a Chinese teacher who:

  • Has passed the HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) diploma
  • Understands Chinese culture well
  • Listens to students and adapts to all levels
  • Knows common Chinese vocabulary

Explore the range of tutors on NiceTutor for private Chinese lessons and compare their profiles. Their experience and teaching methods will influence the price of a one-hour lesson.

How Much Does A Mandarin Lesson Cost?

Foreign language courses are an investment. In England, private tutors set their rates based on experience. The average cost for home tutoring is about £25 to £30 an hour. On NiceTutor, Mandarin lesson prices vary based on location, the tutor's Mandarin level, teaching level, experience, and age. Some tutors offer discounts for booking multiple lessons.

Alternatives for expensive lessons include language institutes, learning Chinese online via webcam, or free language learning apps. Language schools offer courses with native speakers and are generally more affordable. You might also find Chinese exchange students willing to teach or opt for private lessons via webcam.

How Can You Prepare for Your Chinese Lessons?

Learning Mandarin requires assimilating new sounds and rhythms. To prepare:

  • Listen carefully during lessons and regularly review materials
  • Find quiet time for revision, ideally before sleep
  • Eat well, stay hydrated, and avoid distractions
  • Use flashcards and mnemonic devices for memorization

Immerse yourself in Chinese by watching Chinese movies. Even if you don't understand everything initially, this exposure improves recognition and pronunciation.

Supplementing Your Chinese Classes

In addition to regular lessons, here are tools to improve your Chinese skills:

  • Websites and apps like Hello Chinese, Mondly, Pleco, Skritter, FluentU, and The Chairman’s Bao
  • Finding a Chinese exchange partner through sites like My Language Exchange or Conversation Exchange
  • Participating in language exchange programs for practical application and cultural insights


Embarking on learning Chinese with NiceTutor opens a world of cultural understanding and linguistic mastery. With the right resources and dedication, you can navigate the journey of learning one of the world's most fascinating languages.

If you're interested in exploring European languages such as French, Spanish, or Portuguese, feel free to check out the profiles of our finest tutors on NiceTutor.co.uk.


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